Olympus will announce three F1.0 prime lenses in September 2016. They are Olympus 12mm F/1.0; 25mm F/1.0 and 50mm F/1.0 lenses.

Source “Simon” shared this:

The plan from Olympus is to bring out 3 new high prime lenses (sealed) in september 2016. There are already prototypes in the lab. It is more “easy” to produce fixlenses instead of zoom like 40-150 2.8.I think they will bring them in September 2016. Parralel with the successor of our EM-1 they will introduce a new level of picturequality. There plan is to “steal” customers from Nikon & Canon (D4 + EOS 5) with highprime lenses + freehand hi-resolution modus like the EM 5 MK II. So 12mm/1.0; 25mm/1.0 & 50mm/1.0 will come !”



More new Olympus prime F1.2 lenses are coming! According to the latest rumors from FT5 (confirmed), Olympus will indeed announce a new roadmap of f/1.2 prime lenses in early Spring. There are several new F1.2 prime lenses coming. These lenses are expected to start shipping in next 12 months.