Photo 50


Photo 50

16-20 January

London Art Fair

Business Design Centre

Islington, N1

Photo50 is an exhibition of contemporary photography featuring fifty works, curated this year by Nick Hackworth, Director of Paradise Row.

A ‘Cyclical Poem’ is a partial and elliptical look at the relationship between photography and a cluster of themes: time, memory and repetition. It brings together photographers who have had long and significant careers.

In some cases the works selected are the result of the photographer returning to the same or similar subjects over or after a long period of time. Sometimes the images are from one period, but made in concert with the passing of time.

>> ‘Girl on a ‘Spacehopper’, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, 1971
>> ‘If I do, you will only want more’, 1975/2010, Paul Hill
>> ‘Funeral of my mother with my brother Thein and sister Seyna’, 2001, Chris Steele-Perkins. Courtesy of Magnum Photos

Many of the images included date from well before the digital era. From a certain perspective this might render the show perverse and out of date, for digital culture has fundamentally altered the relationship between image, time and memory.  If this is so, then this exhibition becomes, as a whole, a picture of a culture of scarcity and selectivity, one that has already dissolved in the vastness of the ever growing digital datastream that appears to structure contemporary experience.

Can one meaningfully set the images presented here alongside those found on social media sites that record and present the lives of their makers in exhaustive detail? What is the relative relationship between these different types of image to time and memory?

Photographers selected to exhibit in Photo50 this year include:

Dorothy Bohm
Brian Griffin
Paul Hill
Sirrka-Lisa Kontinen
Marketa Luskacova
Chris Steele-Perkins    

Photo50 is located on Gallery Level 2 at the Fair.

More information on Photo50, including interviews with the photographers, biographies, images and Nick Hackworth’s thoughts on the exhibition can be viewed here


The Macallan Masterclass: Annie Leibovitzedition

The Macallan Masterclasses

The Macallan Masterclass with Roy Robertson, President of the Royal Photographic Society, is an opportunity for any level of photographer to discuss the photography of Annie Leibovitz, The Masters of Photography competition, and to engage with Roy to learn more about lighting and composition. The Masterclasses are free and portfolios are welcome.

The Macallan Masterclasses will be taking place hourly on Friday 18 January at The Macallan’s stand, S1, adjacent to Photo50. Each class is approximately 30 minutes in duration and booking is recommended.



More photography on London Art Fair

Strong photographic presentations are also expected within Art Projects from COLE, Hannah Barry Gallery, The Wapping Project Bankside, Troika Editions and Orion Contemporary. Main Fair galleries exhibiting contemporary photography include Jack Bell Gallery, Purdy Hicks, Crane Kalman Brighton, SALON VERT and Sarah Myerscough Fine Art and The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

London Art Fair’s Photography Focus Day will take place on Wednesday 16 January. Talks, tours and discussions on this day will examine contemporary photographic practice and market concerns.

Events are being confirmed daily. Find out more about those that have been announced so far, including talks by PhotoVoice and Photoworks, and book your place here