Buna ziua fotografi!

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There is no single path for learning anything. Especially photography. You can just learn from all directions in today’s digital world and real world. Anyway, since I was A2A, let me tell you what I think is a good way to start your photography journey.

The following points are in the order of their occurrence

  1. Start shooting using a point and shoot camera (a digicam)

  2. Learn how to compose a frame – things such as what to include and what to include in your image and where to place the included things etc.,

  3. Learn to use the manual mode or programmable mode in your point and shoot and learn what does exposure mean and how exposure can be manipulated by changing shutter speed, ISO and/or aperture

  4. Learn where all your point and shoot camera is limiting your photographic abilities

  5. Rent a DSLR and try different lenses – prime, zoom, tele, macro, wide and know what each one does

  6. Doing the above will help you to arrive at what you’re interested in which will help you to decide whether you would want to spend on an expensive body or a decent body with a good and specific lens instead of a standard kit lens

  7. Then, if required, get a DSLR – need not be an expensive one but the one that suits your requirement

  8. Use only manual mode in the beginning for maximum learning. You will get to know what does what

  9. Register in pages such as Welcome to Flickr – Photo Sharing and The Premier Photography Community.

  10. See as many images as possible in the above sites and get to know what are those images’ EXIF details. By knowing them, you will get to know what numbers will result in what kind of image

  11. Start learning about post processing using Photoshop or Lightroom

  12. Join local photographers’ club – both real world’s and online’s – and start attending photo walks. This will help you to learn from peers who are like you and who are better than you

  13. Be positive in receiving in critique

  14. Do a lot of reading on all of the above steps –  everything is available on the internet

  15. The most important step: Keep your photography passion alive.