Aseară, 18 decembrie s-au decernat premiile Concursului Inspired 2012 aflat la a șaptea ediție. La categoria Photography, din 31 de înscriși pentru tema de anul acesta ”Furie”, juriul format din fotografi profesioniști și artiști a ales ca locul 1 să-i revină lui Robert Weinraub. Pe locul 2 sunt doi fotografi cu același punctaj Claudiu Popescu și Alexandra Petcu.

Robert Weinraub este student și trăiește în Târgu Mureș. El și-a înscris mapă sub titlu ”Silent Fury” alături de următoarea descriere care însoțește cele 4 imagini autoportret:

Sometimes an inner sparkle flames up and starts to burn you from inside turning you into somebody that you’re not, in order to cool itself. It’s all a matter of moments. Although what if you don’t let these strokes out? What if you gradually incorporate with this fire and you can’t let it go anymore? You think you can handle it but you slowly become fury. There’s no other way but to become mute and wear the burning crown of anger. Empty pain takes over and no-one will ever hear your voice again because it’s just a scream without frequency. An infinite shedding will prevent the tantrum of your feelings. As soon as you become friend with the darkness you start to engrave your memories in the crumbly walls about how it felt to be furious, or just simply write it in a letter sealed with your own blood. I tried to express these thoughts on my self-portraits, reflecting through them my kind of anger and perception of the world around me, and making an attempt to give a new meaning to the word ‘fury’. – Robert Weinraub

Robert Weinraub Nero Locul 1 Concurs Inspired

 Locul 1 Concurs Inspired Copyright Robert Weinraub ”Nero”

Locul 1 Concurs Inspired Copyright Robert Weinraub ”The Art oh Molting”

Locul 1 Concurs Inspired Copyright Robert Weinraub ”To Whom It May Concern”

Locul 1 Concurs Inspired
Copyright Robert Weinraub ”In Restless Dreams i Walked”


Claudiu Popescu a înscris 4 imagini și s-a oprit tot asupra portretului. Mapa sa intitulată ”Our Stifled Rage” este însoțită de următoarea descriere:

Anger is the single most intense emotion that holds sway over our internal processes. A never ending deluge of creation and violent deconstruction. But what happens when the sun is snuffed out, when we light our cigarettes, comfortably seated in our cushy armchairs? Apathy cannot drown out the bellowing of repressed emotion, strive as we might to shut it out. We helplessly partake in the widening rift between action and impulse. We become the audience who beholds the performance of reality crumbling. Our hate catches in our throats. We look up and see the mirrored faces of our stifled rage. – Claudiu Popescu

Alexandra Petcu a avut același punctaj cu Claudiu Popescu și a câștigat premiul 2 cu o mapă numită ”Wrat’s Allegoires”.

By definition, an allegory materialises general concepts like hatred, love, friendship, wrath into an artistic, creative visual form. What I have tried to do with the given theme is to take it from its original abstract/profound form and materialise it, unrevealing its meaning. These four photographs entitled (from left to right) The Sea’s Child, Seventh Sin, Obscure Feeling and Primary Instinct, evoke, in my photographic vision, the main characteristics of this powerful emotion – WRATH. I took into account the preamble by emphasizing its phases: from the bare obscure feeling to the outburst that later comes just like a sea storm; and from the rough primary instinct to the consuming flames of this seventh sin.  – Alexandra Petcu

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