“Summer in Romania” is an annual photo contest organized by Uncover Romania and we hope that this year also we’ll gather amazing photos of an incredible beautiful country.

We’re looking for personal and original (well as original as it gets) perspectives on all the aspects that make Romania a special and authentic place to be during the hot season. It’s up to you to define the special and the authentic.

We’re pretty open minded so don’t hesitate to send us your best shots. Just keep in mind, we wish and hope to see photos that make us curious to uncover Romania.

Submit your most striking and original shots of summer in Romania before October 5.

Photo contest – Summer in Romania – Rules and guidelines

1. Organizers

The photo contest “Summer in Romania” is organized by Uncover Romania with the purpose of highlighting the tourist attractions and the natural and cultural uniqueness of this country. Uncover Romania is the sole organizer and sponsor of this first edition.

2. Eligibility

Entry is open to all amateur photographers worldwide, except those involved in the organization and judging of the contest. Only photos taken on Romanian territory will be accepted in the competition. Please submit only photos taken after 1st of June, 2009.

3. Theme

Summer in Romania is the main theme of the photo contest. We are looking for expressive, original and good-quality images that illustrate the special places and things one can discover, do or observe during a summer spent in Romania.

4. Prizes

First place – SanDisk Extreme 32 GB 45Mb/s memory card

Second place – Cleaning Kit & Digital Photography (Steve Luck)

Third place – Digital Photography (Steve Luck)

5. Important dates

The photo submission starts on September 15 and closes on October 5, 2013. You can vote for your favorite photo starting September 15 until October 10, 2013. The winners will be announced on October 20, 2013 on www.uncover-romania.com. The prizes will be delivered by the end of November, 2013

6. Submission guidelines

All photos will be submitted electronically using the application form available on www.uncover-romania.com/photo-contest-summer-2013. Each participant can enter a maximum number of 3 photos. All submitted entries will go through a preliminary selection regarding their quality and relevance for the theme of the competition. The organizers have the right to reject any photo that contains forms of violence or abuse, unnecessary nudity or that present people in humiliating situations. The selected photos will be uploaded immediately after this process on www.uncover-romania.com/photo-contest-summer-2013 and regularly on ourFacebook page.

6.1. Image requirements

JPGs, up to 1Mb on the largest side. Winners will be expected to provide high-quality versions (350 dpi resolution, TIFF format) of the submitted entries. The images can be both color and black & white.

6.2. Image modification

Contestants may adjust aspects like brightness, contrast, and color balance to optimize their photographs. However, all adjustments must be kept to a minimum and more advanced editing options like cropping or object cloning are not allowed. The organizers have the right to ask the contestant to provide the original image if they believe unaccepted modifications have been done.

7. Voting & Judging

All selected photos that enter the competition will receive two different grades, one from the popular vote and one from the organizers. The grades rank in each case from 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest) points.

7.1. Popular vote

50% of the final grade will be determined through the popular vote on the page. Each photo featured in the Photo Contest section of www.uncover-romania.com will be eligible for voting until October 10, 2013. In order to vote for their favorite photo, people have to click the voting box under underneath the photo. Each photo can be voted only three times by the same person during the competition, but not on the same day. In order to earn the highest grade, the contestants have to gather as many votes as possible. Each grade equals a specific number of votes as further presented:

1 point = 15 votes;
2 points = 40 votes;
3 points = 75 votes;
4 points = 125 votes;
5 points = over 180 votes;

7.2. Jury vote

The second grade, also ranking from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) points will be given by the organizers who will grade the artistic and technical quality of the image, its originality and its capacity of conveying a strong sense of place, a message or an identity related to the theme of the contest.

8. Copyright

The photographer retains the copyright of the images submitted as a competition entry. The entrant must hold copyright of any photograph entered in this competition. Uncover Romania reserves the right to request supporting evidence.

8.1. Usage Rights

Uncover Romania reserves the right to use the photo entries to promote its website www.uncover-romania.com and its social media channels (Facebook,Pinterest), its commercial offers (touristic packages etc) and other online or printed promotional activities. By entering the “Summer in Romania” competition, contestants agree to have their submitted images used and displayed, either singularly or in combination with others and in any size, on Uncover Romania website, www.uncover-romania.com, on Uncover Romania social media channels and print materials without any fee or other form of compensation. Uncover Romania will mention in each case the author of the image.

9. Changes to the rules

Uncover Romania reserves the right to modify the Rules of this competition at any time. All modifications will be posted on the webpage of the contestwww.uncover-romania.com/photo-contest-summer-2013 and on our Facebook page.