In a fascinating atmosphere of over 2,500 sqm we host 131 international galleries, project groups and individual artists from 30 countries with their newest and most promising work.

BERLINER LISTE 2013 with the Berlin Art Week, the BERLINER LISTE strives to prove Berlin as an exciting and lucrative art market.

The spectrum of exhibited art ranges from contemporary painting, sculpture, drawings and graphics to installations, video art and performance.

A special focus lies this year for the first time on photography, that looks back on a long tradition in Berlin and becomes more and more important as a contemporary and modern medium in art.

Curator of the fair is Dr. Peter Funken, who will support the BERLINER LISTE in ensuring a high quality of exhibited works.

As an innovative fair of art discovery, the BERLINER LISTE attracts more and more art lovers, gallery owners and collectors each year. Last year alone saw over 11,000 visitors from all over the world drawn to the fair.

At BERLINER LISTE, emerging galleries, artists, and project spaces exhibit their work at fair prices. In the context of the new photography section, specialised galleries present the photographs of exiting artists in an exposed position.

International journalists and bloggers report on the art fair in print and digital media, television and radio.

Five Questions for Curator Dr. Peter Funken


Habemus curatorem – we have a new curator! We are delighted to announce that Dr. Peter Funken, a renowned protagonist of Berlin’s art scene, will be joining us as our curator for the BERLINER LISTE 2013. The art journalist, illustrator and author has been active as a curator for many years and has worked on projects including “Polnische Avantgarde 1930 – 1990,” “Der Fleck in Geschichte und Gegenwart” (The stain in the past and present) and most recently “Wunderkammer” (Cabinet of wonder), a polish exhibition project with 24 artists from both countries in 2012-13. Learn more about Dr. Peter Funken and his thoughts on the BERLINER LISTE in this interview.

BERLINER LISTE: What made you decide to be our curator for the BERLINER LISTE 2013?

Peter Funken: The Berliner Liste has been happening for ten years and is just on the verge of becoming grown up. As a fair for young art and emerging artists it has huge potential – these reasons alone tempted me. On top of this, the exhibition location in the old Kraftwerk power plant next to Tresor club is simply brilliant and very unusual – architecture which could have been created by Piranesi, collaborating with Gustave Eiffel. The building radiates big city atmosphere and is the perfect location to heighten the significance of the Berliner Liste. I am pleased to actively contribute to its creation and development.

BERLINER LISTE: Which criteria will you use to select the artists?

Peter Funken: I endeavour to uncover, present and bring innovative art into discussion. Quality is important. It is the job of the curator to be able to say YES with enthusiasm, and NO with decisiveness. I see the Berliner Liste as a chance to bring people together: artists, gallery owners, project group leaders, curators, art fanatics and art lovers. Berlin is an art metropolis at the crossroads of the four compass points – just as near or far from Amsterdam and Cologne as from Warsaw, Copenhagen, Malmö or Prague. Art is our mutual asset, regardless of where it originates from – but the content must be appropriate. It is fundamental to me that we exhibit international work with class – the fair should be an adventure.

BERLINER LISTE: Taking your previous work as a curator into account, will you put emphasis on anything in particular, eastern European art for example?

Peter Funken: As I have said, Berlin is a central magnet for artists from all over the world, also of course for emerging galleries and project groups from Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltics, Denmark and Scandinavia. We must support this magnetism. It is fantastic to be able to invite professionals and art fans from everywhere to meet in Berlin and to encourage them inspire each other. Berlin could be considered a large tree to which beautiful and colourful birds flock – not just a tree for nesting but guaranteed too to offer nutrition, pleasure and discussion. Also nourishing for the tree itself, Berlin…

BERLINER LISTE: In your opinion, which role does the Berliner Liste play in Berlin’s art market and the Berlin Art Week?

Peter Funken: The Berliner Liste is a fair working primarily with younger, emerging artists so still in a moderate price segment. This means that there is much here to be discovered and experienced, something which has until now not been realised. The fair’s opportunity and future rest on this. The fair puts many people in the position to buy original, exciting work – not just the usual art collectors, but sponsors and those who appreciate contemporary art. This allows everybody to learn more about themselves and others, and understand themselves better.

BERLINER LISTE: What are your hopes for the Berliner Liste 2013?

Peter Funken: Clear autumn skies with wonderfully bright leaves on the trees, symbolising a good atmosphere and valuable exchanges; intellectual presence with many both rich and critical conversations. I also hope for brand new, exciting art from all parts of the world. And of course good food and good people who consume art for nutrition; open debates on the future of art igniting impulse in Berlin and its neighbouring countries… have I forgotten anything? Yes – preferably breaking news that this year’s Berliner Liste has more visitors than ever before…