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The 2013 World Press Photo contests are accepting entries as of today. World Press Photo invites all professional visual journalists worldwide to participate in the 56th annual photojournalism contest and 3rd annual multimedia contest. The final deadline for submissions is 17 January 2013 for the photo contest, and the deadline to participate in the multimedia contest is 10 January 2013.

World Press Photo of the Year 2011
Samuel Aranda, Spain, for The New York Times
Sanaa, Yemen, 15 October 2011
Fatima al-Qaws cradles her son Zayed (18), who is suffering from the effects of tear gas after participating in a street demonstration, in Sanaa, Yemen, on 15 October. Ongoing protests against the 33-year-long regime of authoritarian President Ali Abdullah Saleh escalated that day. Witnesses said that thousands marched down Zubairy Street, a main city thoroughfare, and were fired on when they reached a government checkpoint near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some demonstrators retreated, others carried on and were shot at again. At least 12 people were killed and some 30 injured. Ms Qaws—who was herself involved in resistance to the regime—found her son after a second visit to look for him, among the wounded at a mosque that was being used as a temporary field hospital. Zayed remained in a coma for two days after the incident. He was injured on two further occasions, as demonstrations continued. On 23 November, President Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia, and signed an agreement transferring power to his deputy, Abdurabu Mansur Hadi. Saleh’s rule ended formally when Hadi was sworn in as president, following an election, on 25 February 2012.

2013 World Press Photo Contest

How to enter the 2013 Photo Contest
Entries may only be submitted online via the World Press Photo entry website. A username and password are required to enter and can be requested from today onwards until 11 January 2013, 23.59 CET. The final deadline for submissions is 17 January 2013, 23.59 CET.

1st prize Spot News Singles
Yuri Kozyrev, Russia, Noor Images for Time
“On revolution road”, Ras Lanuf, Libya, 11 March 2011
Rebels battle for Ras Lanuf, an oil-refining town on the Libyan coast, on 11 March. The uprising against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had grown out of clashes with authorities in the east-Libyan city of Benghazi, in mid-February. Anti-Gaddafi sentiment was strongest in the east of the country, and Benghazi came to be seen as the rebel stronghold. Ras Lanuf had fallen to anti-government forces on 4 March, during their initial advance west, towards the capital Tripoli. After heavy bombardment by land, sea and air, Gaddafi’s forces retook the city on 10 March, and began pushing the rebels back. For some days it appeared that even Benghazi would be retaken. Gaddafi’s counter-advance was halted after NATO planes began bombing Libyan military targets, following a UN resolution on 17 March. Rebel forces began moving west again and by the end of the month had recaptured Ras Lanuf, though they would not permanently occupy the city until late August.

An international jury of leading professionals in the field of photojournalism worldwide will judge the entries at the World Press Photo office in Amsterdam from 2 February until 14 February 2013. For the 56th annual photo contest, a number of the category definitions have been adjusted.

2nd prize Arts and Entertainment Singles
Vincent Boisot, France, Riva Press for Le Figaro Magazine
“Dakar fashion week”, Dakar, Senegal, 9 July 2011
A model poses in front of a tailor’s stall in the center of Dakar, Senegal during the ninth edition of the Dakar Fashion Week. She is wearing a dress by US-based Senegalese designer Yolande Ngom Mancini. The Fashion Week began in 2003, as a private venture without government support, at the initiative of former model turned designer Adama Paris and has become a leading showcase for design from across the continent.

The results of the 2013 World Press Photo Contest will be announced on 15 February 2013. The prize-winning pictures are presented in an exhibition that travels through more than 100 cities in over 45 countries, to start in Amsterdam at the end of April 2013.

1st Prize Portraits Singles
Laerke Posselt, Denmark, for Politiken
“Danish and Iranian culture”, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 May 2011
Actress Mellica Mehraban, who was born in Iran but grew up in Denmark, played a lead role in the Iranian spy thriller ‘Fox Hunting’, which had its first Danish screening at an Iranian film festival in Copenhagen in May. The role presented her with some challenges, as she had to brush up on her Farsi, and learn how to portray love on screen without telling or touching the man in question. Mehraban also had to reconcile herself to playing the villain in what could be seen as an anti-Western film.

The jury gives first, second, and third prizes in all categories. First prize winners in each category receive a cash prize of €1,500. Winners of second and third prizes, and those receiving honorable mentions, receive a Golden Eye Award and a diploma. The premier award, the World Press Photo of the Year, carries a cash prize of €10,000. In addition, Canon will donate a professional DSLR camera and lens kit to the photographer of the World Press Photo of the Year 2012. The annual Awards Days, a two-day celebration of the prizewinners, takes place in Amsterdam on 26 and 27 April 2013.