Curved sensor based High-End camera rumor is not new,  We have published the Sony curved sensor patent on July 6th, 2014, we have also published the sample image captured by curved sensor camera.

Based on latest rumors floating over the web, Sony already started the massive production of curved fullframe sensors, the sources of the rumormill claim that the production units are capable to produce 1200 units/per month.  That’s a clear sign that Sony is now prearing to announce next flagship A7 series camera.

The best part of curved sensor is that they mimic human eye, in the curved sensor light directly falls in the center of the sensor and hits the pixel in straight, that completely eliminates the need micro-lenses above the sensor surface. Curved sensors are 1,4 times more sensitive in the center and 2 times more sensitive in the corners.They live among us, yes its absolutely true, Sony already implemented the curved sensor.


Info: thenewcamera